Full name

Keith Lovely Jr.


Digital Content Creator


Producer that can develop, write, shoot, edit, and market the work I create.


Although my professional titles include filmmaker, producer, editor, etc., I consider myself an artist with a desire to find and tell stories that fly under the radar.

I’ve always had a natural talent for drawing and a love for beautiful imagery. I was that kid in class doodling in-between assignments. As a child, I also had a love for puzzles.

Eventually, I realized this love of puzzles, art and design matured into a knack for storytelling.These passions have led to a successful career in media, including my growth as a journalist and documentarian with CNN.

In a way, my various passions are one in the same. Take the process of creating a documentary.

Each interview, every question asked, the research, b-roll, photography, etc. are all pieces of a puzzle, and when gathered and edited together, create a beautiful piece of artwork.

The end piece can incorporate animation, music, photography, video, engaging font and text. It encompasses all of the passions and talents that I’ve honed since I was a child.

The moniker jack-of-all trades, at times, is viewed as negative, but for me, it’s just who I’ve always been. If you need a multi-talented lover of everything from cartoons and documentaries to sports, fashion and more, I’d love to chat about how I can help you share your story with the world!


BFA: Film/Television and Animation

Savannah College of Art and Design


2015 Silver World Medal , New York Festivals | World’s Best TV and Films
Title: Double Agent: Inside Al-Qaeda for the CIA || Category: Best Investigative Report || Role: Associate Producer